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Chester Street, Shrewsbury

Thursday 26th April at 7.30 p.m.
DAGDA Quartet


Sponsored by Shropshire Council

Admission £7.50 on the door
Carers with disabled and children free

To reserve tickets phone Muriel Williamson on 01743 850267 or from the Gateway


“Energetic modern jazz with a rocky edge.” Time Out

"Powerful, punchy compositions with a snappy delivery...A gripping performance." Leeds Guide

"Original, innovative, intuitive...could be a breath of fresh air for the UK jazz scene." Mornington Lockett

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DAGDA Quartet

Rising stars of the UK jazz scene since formation in 2010, Dagda sum up what inspires their music in three words: Culture, Tradition and Experience. Led by saxophonist Tom Harrison, the album features guitarist Billy Adamson, bassist Tom West, drummer Mike Clowes and special guest awarding-winning Irish saxophonist Michael Buckley. The main feature of this eponymous debut album is 'Suite for RLH', a continuous suite of music in 5 parts dedicated to the memory of Harrison's grandfather.

Dagda's music is truly communally composed. Sketches are brought to rehearsals and are developed through discussion, before being manipulated through a process of live performances. Gigs are recorded to capture inspired ideas that have happened in the moment. The recordings are then discussed and picked apart in rehearsals. These effective ideas are then incorporated into the compositions themselves for future performances. The final products recorded on the album have been developed over the past 9 months of performances, and display a unique and consistent group language and aesthetic.

Dagda features award-winning multi-instrumentalist Michael Buckley as both guest soloist and producer. Michael has brought his own unique experiences to the project, really opening up the compositional forms and allowing new avenues of exploration in the music. Michael is the first of many guest saxophonists to be featured on the project, which will occur during the album launch tour, including Jean Toussaint, Paul Booth and many more.

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Dagda draws influence from a wide range of artists from the Jazz, Rock and Folk Music traditions, including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, Phil Woods, Pink Floyd, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Coltrane, Q-Tip and The Velvet Underground.

Tom Harrison (saxophones)
Billy Adamson (guitar)
Tom West (bass)
Mike Clowes (drums)

Michael Buckley (saxophones)

For further information please contact Tom Harrison on;

07704 762 561 : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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